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Kingdom Market is a well established dark-net market that has been around since mid 2021. Despite its relatively young age, it quickly proved to be a trustworthy and reliable platform. This is reflected by the 20,000 listings the market is home to today. The market is home to a wide variety of categories from drugs to online goods and fraud.

About Kingdom Market.

The relatively quick rise of Kingdom Market can be attributed to the markets approach to feedback. It aim is to listen to customers and make changes based on requests. Overall, the market manages to remain feature packed white not being too innovative.

The design is very familiar as it is near identical to the infamous Alpha-bay market. It is pleasing to look at, and is very consistent across the site. The interface is also initiative enough for anyone to use, while having some more advanced options for users that need them. A top bar contains all the account options and site navigation. A side bar on the main-page contains all the category navigation options, and an advanced search query.

Purchases and Payments.

As expected, the market features a traditional rating system to help users avoid any scams. Any orders being placed can be paid using Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), or Monero (XMR). Use of monero is advised for its security benefits. The coins can be deposited to a built in wallet, but can also be sent directly when palcing an order.

Transaction are protected using traditional escrow. Multisig erscrow support is being currently tested and will soon be implemented. Trusted vendors can also enable early finalization (FE). A support team is available round the clock to resolve any disputes.

A section called ‘Pony & Orient Express’ can also be found on Kingdom market. On it users can place orders directly, without any communication or follow up from the seller. Sellers simply provide their address, and can log off knowing that the item will be shipped without having to log back in.

Security features.

When it comes to security, Kingdom Market follows the usual drill. PGP message encryption support is present but not enabled be default. The same PGP key can be used for 2FA login. If needed, users have the option to delete their account, wiping all relevant information from the markets servers.


Despite its young age, there is no doubt Kingdom Market is already well established. With over 20,000 product listings it is up there with some of the largest dark-net markets. There are still some improvements that could be made, mainly the captcha system. Other than that, Kingdom is a solid marketplace, and a great choice for new and experienced dark-net users.


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